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Gut is to skin as peanut butter is to jelly.

Whenever I find my skin is not looking as clear and healthy, I go back to my diet. I particularly ask, what am I feeding my gut? There is an abundance of evidence that the food you eat affects your skin health. In fact, feeding your microbiome, those bacteria that populate the colon, there is also a microbiome of the skin! So what do we know so far? Eating vegetables of all colors. Look at your plate every day-do you have at least 3 different colored vegetables on your plate? Are they unprocessed and still vital with nutrients? Fermented foods are also fantastic for the gut bacteria. Try to include sauerkraut or kimchi for example, to feed the bacteria. The more fiber the better and remember to chew thoroughly so you don’t have gas or bloating. If you have had poor skin, acne, eczema, rosacea, get in touch, there is so much more to do than antibiotics and steroids.

Let food by your medicine and healthy skin be your reward.

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