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Spend more time feeling good.

By collaborating to help you discover what makes you tick
and how to be in your very best health, I promise you, you will become excited
to come to your doctor's appointments. You will be more excited about your life and feel more empowered to maintain your health than ever. Feeling good gives you peace of mind and enables you
to enjoy things in life so much more. Let's work together to take on your health issues head-on
or if you're feeling tip-top, maintain the great health you have today.

Following are some of the ways we will collaborate on a healthy you:

Comprehensive Assessment of Your Health from Then to Now
We will spend our first visit going through your family, personal and medical history.
including physical exam, and lab tests. This will help uncover patterns or set points where your wellness has gone off track. Or, if you're not currently having issues, identifying areas you may want to address
now to be proactive in your long-term good health.

Personalized Vitality Plan
Once I know your history and learn about your goals, from feeling better to managing stress
or excelling as an athlete, we will create a program customized to your needs.

Addressing Nutritional Needs
Through our testing, microbiome, micronutrient, omega 3/6/9 and looking at oxidative stress,
we will find identity nutritional issues that may contribute to the root cause of your issues.

Fatigue Issues
Tired of being tired? There are a multitude of reasons why you might be dragging and it might not be
what you think. Possibilities range from undiagnosed autoimmune thyroid to lack of B vitamins and iron, vitamin D deficiency, sleep issues, stress or a hormone imbalance. Let's work together so you
can enjoy every waking moment to its fullest.

Weight Loss and Management
There is more to losing and keeping off weight than moving more and eating less. Your personal story
will unlock and reveal the issues so you can find the right body composition balance -
fat to muscle ratio - for your body.

Chronic Disease
50% of adults have a chronic disease and many have just "learned to live with it" or pop a pill
which simply masks the symptom instead of treating the cause which may lead to worse health problems down the road. Many chronic diseases have an underlying issue with inflammation and often the gut.
We will determine the cause(s) of your condition and how you to best treat it. May be one or more tactics such as diet, stress management, supplements or other personalized solutions.

Brain Fog/Cognitive Issues
Its hard to be at peak performance when you think straight. The roadmap to great brain health
is through great mitochondrial health and reducing inflammation. We will talk through what mitochondria are (they are fascinating) and how you can optimize their number and function.

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