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Functional medicine provides a deep dive into your complete health history and applies state-of-the-art testing capabilities to get to the root cause of your health issues. We ask the questions why, what and how? Why do you specifically have high blood pressure, heart disease, fatigue, thyroid issues, cancer? What factors in your genetic make-up, history, diet, and lifestyle are contributing to your condition? We look at how the systems of your body (your circulatory, digestive, endocrine, etc.) are
working together and how to optimize them
to allow your body to balance.

Using the latest science, we design a personal plan
for you to achieve your wellness goals. We’ll determine the most impactful changes to rebalance and maintain balance in your body so you that you can be at your healthiest best self - changes in diet and activity, using supplements or carefully selected medications or adding a specialist to the team to acquire more in-depth knowledge.



Functional medicine is for anyone who is struggling with a chronic disease, fertility issues, lack of energy or if you just want to optimize your good health to prevent disease in the future. It's for anyone who wants to learn about about their body and be an active participant in their health. It's for those who are tired with the status quo where they have little to no relationship with their doctor and they never fully understand how to empower themselves to heal and live healthy lives.



It’s time for a change. The business of western medicine focuses on treating the symptoms of your  illness and not the cause which can lead to bigger problems down the road. Functional medicine fosters the relationship with a primary care physician like myself who focuses on true "care." I combine your history with today's advanced technology to determine the root case of your health issues and develop the appropriate solution customized to your needs.

Today's illnesses stem from a variety of issues ranging from genetics to stress, diet and our environment - not easily detectable in an annual exam or at your local urgent care center. The advances in modern medicine combined with the compassion and commitment I bring to improving your health means there's no time like the present to get on board with functional medicine.



Functional medicine combines the cutting-edge medical research with a personalized approach to healthcare that factors in your history, genetics and lifestyle. I leverage technology (from genomics and microbiome to oura ring, Muse, HeartMath and current apps) as a tool for patient health. Technology should enhance the path to wellness and complement human collaboration. What's most important is that we're in this together. Taking an active interest and role in your health is what will truly make the difference in our success achieving your optimal health.



Are you feeling terrific? Let's keep it that way! We live in a culture that promotes exercising every day but only going to the doctor for an annual check-up. That just doesn't cut it. Take an active role in staying healthy. Don't wait for something to go wrong. The more you know about your body, the better you can tend to its needs and the more at ease your mind will be knowing you are doing everything you can to stay healthy. Let's team up and tend to your health. We'll spend quality time together analyzing your health from birth to now, your lifestyle and environment, family history and identify areas you need to pay extra attention to now to avoid problems down the road. Be proactive for a better you!

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