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Turn your dial up and then see who you become…

Turn up your dial!

It was Saturday afternoon at Mindshare, a gathering of Health and Wellness professionals who motivate, learn and share from one another. The speaker list was exceptional, but ion one in particular I'd like to share with you is Bo Eason.

I had saw him last at A fest, and loved his talk. He talk was the one that stood out, and the only one I shared with my husband when I returned home. He is a fantastic storyteller that engages the audience in the moment to the events unfolding. As a professional football player, he was on the same team with Jerry Rice—someone whose work ethic and commitment to be the best is legendary. Mr. Eason, also a motivated soul, was impressed and imprinted by his time playing with Jerry Rice and speaks of it often. See "Bo Eason - Jerry Rice Work Ethic" here.

I came out asking,—am I really committed everyday to my best? How am I working toward my dream? How am I interacting with those around me? Who would I be, if I just turned the dial up??

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