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When I was younger, my father used to have my siblings and I choose a theme for trips when we traveled. This usually became a song that we would chant during the drive. One year, my youngest brother refused to shower. The theme was "if he don’t shower, he don’t get no overalls." We were visiting family and went through Oshkosh, WI —home to some best made overalls in the U.S. I have been experimenting with this idea of "theme" this year. Today, I chose "JOY". I wrote it on a notecard and placed it in view. I also wrote the spanish word for it, because I am trying to learn Spanish. All day today I have been looking at "Alegría"…all my choices have been framed by that theme. I went for a run in the sunshine listening to my favorite music and interesting discussions. Breakfast was chosen on how joyous I would feel after. I listened to the greatest speech that always inspires me, and especially today—I Have a Dream from Martin Luther King. I shared with my kids the scene in Pink Panther with Peter Sellers and Kato, as Kato attacks him jumping out of a refrigerator! Picking a word and making my healthy choices around this, makes it so much fun to incorporate healthy choices in our day. What brings you JOY?

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